You’re over the first 2 hurdles – you’ve got vistors to your site and you’ve managed to engage them long enough to get your message across.

So now what do you want them to do?

You should view every page of your site as a potential way to build up your customer base.  Have a clear call to action; don’t leave them hanging at the end of the page.

Calls to action

Calls to action should be appropriate for the market, your product or service and what stage of the buying process they are at.  If they are just researching, they don’t want to be bombarded with buy it now options but they may want to read more on another page; if they’ve found the page useful or funny they may want to share it.  Get your call to action right and convert site visitors into your customers when the time is ready.

Calls to action can include:

  • Buy now button
  • Sign up
  • Comments
  • Sharing tools
  • Downloads
  • Email sign up
  • Relevant hyperlinks

Conversion tools and email marketing

There are plenty of tools and tricks to help conversion.  People don’t willingly sign up or give their email away unless there’s something in it for them.  You need to create appropriate bribes to get email address such as downloads, access to helpful videos, how to guides.

You also need to consider what mechanisms you need in place to convert your customers and to follow up, such as payment facilities, sign up mechanisms and email marketing software.  We can run email marketing campaigns for you.


Underpinning all of it you need to have metrics in place to measure the whole process – how many visitors come to your site, what pages, how long they stay, what campaigns, how many signed up or bought.  Measuring your successes and failures is the only way to know what marketing activities work and how you can keep improving.

Is your website converting your visitors into customers?

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