We offer a range of services from a free internet marketing healthcheck to monthly internet marketing support.

internet marketing help

Free Digital Marketing Health Check


Are you making an impact online?

Our free digital marketing health check helps determine whether your website and online marketing is helping your business or needs a bit of refocus.  You’ll get a report covering:

  • Is your website easy to use
  • Is your website properly optimised
  • How engaging is your online marketing
  • Have you got a clear strategy in place for conversion?

Free digital marketing healthcheck

And if your website isn’t doing what you want it to…then what?

Internet Marketing Kick Start

Building on from the health check, we offer a one hour telephone consultation (or face to face depending on location) followed up by a detailed internet marketing strategy report with recommendations for improvement. It could be all the tonic you need to get your website back on track. Find out more:


After the Kick Start:

Want to go it alone but need an initial helping hand?

Training session

Need some help to make it happen every month.  Choose from one of the 3 IMN monthly packages:

Monthly support

IMN Monthly packages not enough or need something particular?  IMN Tailor made packages include:

  • Get me Online
  • I want a makeover
  • Get Social
  • Tailored for you

Tailor-made support