You’ve got over the first hurdle – you have a website.  Congratulations.

Our first goal when working with clients is to ensure their website is visible in the first place.  Otherwise, what is the point of your website?

Your website needs to be easily found by your target market and that doesn’t mean that when they type in your domain name on the internet, you rank number one in the search engine.

It means when people have a problem and they are searching for a solution that you provide, they find you on the internet.

It means your web page comes up in the search engine results, or they see your facebook, twitter or other social media stream, they see your video on youtube or they see your guest post on another site.

It doesn’t matter how they get to your website, the important thing is, they have got to your website and they have a reason for being there.  They found you online.

How do you make your website visible?

There’s not one simple answer.  It is about having all the right pieces in place to make it work.

We offer the following services to make sure your website is visible:


Website Audit & technical advice

We analyse your current website and spell out what improvements you might need.  Is it on a search engine friendly platform. Can you easily update it yourself?


Digital Marketing Strategy

We offer practical advice on how to market your business online.


Keyword Research

We analyse your customers and identify the keywords they use online to find businesses like yours.


On-site SEO

We ensure the website is correctly optimised for your keywords and the right technology is in place.


Off-site SEO

White hat techniques to help get your website high on in the search results – quality, natural backlinks, social media, guest posts, directories.



Put in place a method of measuring your visibility and site traffic through web analysis tools such as Google Analytics

website visibility

Is your website visible?

  • How many visitors do you get to your site? 
  • Who are they – are they your target market?  
  • Do they already know you or have they got to you through the search engines? 
  • How did they find you?

If you don’t know the answers or want to find out how you can make sure your website gets seen by your target market, get in touch with me now.

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