Think of the internet as a problem solver.  Someone has a problem, good or bad, they type that problem into the search engine and click onto the website that seems to offers the best solution.

But when they get to the website if they don’t get what they need, they won’t stick around.

So how can you make people stay on your website?

Simple – make sure your website is helpful and engaging through effective content creation.

We make sure your website answers the problem they have

Each page of your website needs to help in some way.  The copy (the words) you use on your site need to be well thought out – you need to speak in the language of your audience and make it interesting and of value to them.

The language they use in the search box can reveal a lot about what they want – they may be just conducting general research or looking to buy.  When you put the website page together you need to see yourself as the customer and think about how helpful it is to them.  Do you answer their problem?  There’s a time to offer advice and a time to sell.  Make sure you get it right.

If your website only has a few pages, then we help you make the most of them with carefully crafted and optimised content.  Better still, if you have the ability to manage and add content and have a blog/news section then we have endless opportunities to create web pages that help.

We make your website engaging

Beyond answering their problems, your site should be visually appealing.  That could be a beautifully designed site or something clean and simple.  Whatever style you go for we ensure you think about:

  • site usability  – how easy it is to navigate around and find what you want
  • accessibility – how easy it is to read, for all audiences, visually impaired or not
  • responsiveness  – does your site work in different browsers and on different platforms (mobile/tablet)
The Wow Factor

What can you do to really grab their attention and stop them hitting the back button?  Graphics, videos, clever copy, infographics.  There are so many techniques you can employ to keep people on your page and they don’t have to cost the earth.  If you’ve got the budget for bespoke graphics and videos, great – we can ensure you get the best results for your money but if there are plenty of free or cheap alternatives to make your web pages stand out.

Social Media

Social media should be at the heart of any digital marketing strategy.  Love it or loathe it, you can’t afford to ignore it.  We make sure you are on the right platform(s) and show you how you can work it to your advantage.

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